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Hades Hideaway

Hades Hideaway An upcomming adventure platformer horror game

Hades Hideaway is a platformer horror adventure game. Combining puzzles, platformer action, horror, dungeon crawling with random events, audio and soundtrack. Features: Randomly generated and placed traps will make you think Contact every step deeper in the underworld. Explore the vast and hostile underworld in three main zones: Elysion, Tartaros and Asphodel. Seek help from the inhabitants (They can guide you or put you on the wrong track. Beware!). As the underworld is ever changing, you need to be careful Contact your steps. Obtain epic items to assist you during the journey. Ultra smooth controls (game pad controller / keyboard input). It’s up to you to discover more.

Graphic design / Art direction :

Graphic design / Art direction

Unity 3D / C-sharp :

Unity 3D / C-sharp

Audio / Sound design :

Audio / Sound design


  • Hades Hideaway
  • Hades Hideaway
  • Hades Hideaway

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