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Nit'ras Wallpapers

Nit'ras Wallpapers Lets get minimal

Wow what can I say? 2012 has been great! Thanks to all new & returning clients, new friends, followers and the likes. Without you nit'ras wouldn't be here today. As a 'thank you' I made these minimalistic wallpapers (25 sizes, I've covered the most common ones, let me know if you need a custom) with a wink to the CMYK past. The triangles should be obvious this time of year. Please keep on spreading the word. I owe you big time! All my best wishes for 2013. Keep it tight, keep it minimal! Thanks!

Graphic design / Art direction :

Graphic design / Art direction

Photoshop :


Illustrator :



  • Nit'ras Wallpapers
  • Nit'ras Wallpapers

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